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24 Hour Mystery Cabaret Registration Form

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Download Glam Gam 24 Hour Cabaret Waiver (Return Form To


  WHERE: Café Cleopatre – 1230 St. Laurent WHEN: PREP: Friday, December 9th, 9pm – Saturday, December 10th, 9pm SHOW: Saturday, December 10th at 10pm (Doors open 9pm) WHO: Glam Gam and Friends – Open to Actors, Singers, Dancers, Theatre geeks, Circus freaks, Musicians, Artists, Set Builders, etc. WHAT: 24 HOUR XXX MYSTERY CHRISTMAS CABARET  Facebook Event WHY: Fringe Festival Fundraiser and Epic Burlesque Experience HOW: When so many amazingly talented people gather together, there’s no limit to what they can accomplish in 24 hours! COST: $10 Participant Registration Fee. TICKETS: Available at the door. $12 or $10 with a non perishable food item donated to Head and Hands * Must be 18+ to attend or participate. Glam Gam Productions is hosting a 24 Hour XXX Mystery Cabaret – and YOU could be the STAR! What is a 24 Hour XXX Mystery Cabaret you ask? We’ve taken a Christmas Classic (either How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Christmas Carol, or Frosty the Snowman) and made it nice and naughty! On DECEMBER 9th, 9pm Café Cleopatre, will open its doors to talented actors, musicians, dancers, acrobats, circus freaks, singers, videographers, set builders, burlesque performers – and anyone else who has ever wanted to get on stage and take it off! For the next 24 hours, we work collaboratively to create the most courageous and outrageous XXXmas production Montreal has ever seen. Open to professionals and amateurs alike, all roles are up for grabs. Participants submit their name for either Luscious Lead (*may require full or partial nudity), Scantilly Clad Chorus, or a Camel Toe Cameo. Prepare to dance, sing, act, strip, be ridiculous. There is also ample opportunity to be involved behind the scenes – painting props, building backgrounds with boxes, creative costume construction…you name it, we need it! Ready or not, on DECEMBER 10th at 10pm, The XXX Mystery Cabaret will be revealed to our lucky audience! This is where all the hard work pays off, your moment to shine. CURTAINS UP! BREAK A LEG! WHAT TO BRING: $10 Registration Fee (Helps cover rentals, incidentals and pizza). Snacks – Non-alcoholic beverages, fruit, chips, chocolate – whatever keeps you going. Props – Anything that would be useful in a Christmas setting. Costumes – Anything burlesque, fetish or Christmas related. Comfortable change of clothes. Crafts – Extra paints, glue guns, glitter, sparkles, paper, snowflakes. Notepad. Personal Items – deodorant, make-up, toothbrush, hairspray, etc.ew PLEASE NOTE: This is a Fringe Festival Fundraiser. There will be no comps or drink tickets. Tickets are $12 or $10 at the door with a non-perishable food item for Head and Hands. NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL IS TO BE CONSUMED ON THE PREMISES. It is a bar and we need to respect their liquor license. *Anyone caught with outside alcohol will be asked to leave. Visit for updates and to fill out our sexy registration form and return it to It’s going to be a great show! Welcome aboard (ONLY THE FIRST 50 APPLICANTS WILL BE CONSIDERED so move quickly)


8:30pm – 9:00pm – Registration at Café Cleopatra 9:00pm ANNOUNCE SCRIPT – Will it be The Grinch? A Christmas Carol? Frosty The Snowman? 9:05pm Random Role Reveal – All characters are up for grabs! Decide whether you are ready for a Lucrative Lead (*may involve partial or full nudity), sing and dance in the Scantily Clad Chorus, or maybe Camel Toe Cameo is the way to go. 9:30pm – 10:15pm SCRIPT READING! ALL HANDS ON DICK…uh, DECK! Glam Gamified Scripts of a Christmas Classic will be handed out. The actors will do a read through. All technical crew is required to take notes. 10:15pm – 10:30 SHOW AND TELL – Everyone shows what costumes and props they have that will benefit a scene. We make a master list for props, sets and costumes. 10:30pm – 12:30am REHEARSE ACT I – Be ready for 2 solid hours of dancing, singing and acting rehearsals. 12:30am – 1am PIZZA BREAK! 1am – 3:00am REHEARSE ACT II – MORE acting, dance, singing and stripping! 3:00am – 9:00am TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS! Whatever that is. You don’t have to go home, but we can’t stay at Cleo’s. Some people will be needed for recording. Some people would benefit from sleep and a shower. Gather props and costumes. Learn lines. OFF BOOK FOR MORNING! 9am – 10:45am Breakfast and Meeting of the minds @ Jessica’s. Meet with directors, technical, set, props, costume. Discuss ideas. 10:45am SHARP – EVERYONE ARRIVE AT CAFÉ CLEOPATRE. 11am – 12pm Run through ACT I. With musical numbers, full ensemble. OFF BOOK! 12pm – 1pm Run through ACT II. OFF BOOK! 1pm – 1:30pm Rehearse opening number 1:30pm – 2pm Rehearse closing number 2:00pm – 3pm Stage reserved for individual burlesque numbers. 3:00pm – 3:30pm BREAK! Grab a snack, stretch, learn lines. 3:30pm – 5pm Rehearse Group Numbers. 5pm – 6pm TECHNICAL CUE TO CUE 6pm – 8pm DRESS REHEARSAL! All props, costumes, set changes, full band. 8pm – 10pm HAIR, MAKE- UP, COSTUME FINISHING TOUCHES, LINE BASHES. 8:15pm – 9:00pm CLEAN UP CLEO’S… Remove all personal effects from audience area and prepare the stage! 9:00pm DOORS OPEN! The audience floods in to see the magic that has been created over the last 24 hours. 10pm CURTAINS UP! XXX Mystery Cabaret Montreal hits the stage! 10pm – 11:30pm WOOOOOO! Show ‘em how magic can be made in Montreal in 24 hours! PLEASE NOTE: During the 24 hours, there will be costume fittings, prop building, set construction, dance choreography, band practise, choir rehearsal, etc. There is always something you can do to make the show even more amazing.

Review of “If Looks Can Kill…They Will!”

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Murder Most Raunchy: Glam Gam’s If Looks Could Kill, They Will @ Cafe Cleopatre

By  on August 20, 2011 – 11:17 pm
  There’s a killer loose and you can help catch him or her, or at very least benefit from the murderous rampage with some good laughs and cheap shots, I mean bar shots that drop to $2 when the killer strikes again. Last night I caught (pun somewhat intended) Glam Gam Productions’ latest offering, the self-described burlesque murder mystery If Looks Could Kill, They Will, which runs again tonight and tomorrow. If a typical Glam Gam show is hard to describe, then this one takes things up a notch or two or twenty. You’ve got all the elements you’ve come to expect from this still relatively new troupe that audience member Soren Jensen refers to as his “preferred purveyors of perversion.” There’s raunchy wit, raw energy and a shit-ton of nudity (male and female), but If Looks Could Kill puts a new element in play: solid narrative. This is still a burlesque show, albeit an unconventional one, but it’s also a play. There are guest performances, dance numbers and emcees. All of them fit nicely into a developing story centered around members of the Glamily getting killed off one at a time, as they prepare for a comeback show. The hosts, Sherlock Homo and Hotson, also serve as detectives investigating the crimes while guest performers fill in the gaps in the show when the scheduled dancers meet their untimely end. The dance numbers help progress the story and, in some cases, bring out some of the best comedic elements I’ve seen in a Glam Gam show, or any show recently. Julie Paquet’s flamenco “tap dance” number stands out as a prime example of what can happen when you forget convention and let dark comedy gel with sexy dancing. Meanwhile the show’s opening and closing group numbers tie into the story by changing the lyrics to some well known tunes. Glam Gam have done the song parody thing before, most notably for me at their recent SlutWalk performance, but this time around, it’s louder, bolder and really catchy. This show also featured an operatic version of Closer by Nine Inch Nails delivered by singing telegram. They’ve also used video in their shows before, but this time around, it’s front and centre and moves the story from the stage to the upper backstage floor of Cafe Cleopatre, then back to the spotlight. In Glam Gam fashion, there’s also an opening credits sequence that was leaked on YouTube leading up to opening night and was quickly removed. Maybe Google thought it was a little too cock-y. This is the kind of story and show that pulls you in. I got pulled in, pulled onstage actually. I was the audience volunteer for hula hoop artist/in-character dominatrix Super Sherri’s set. By volunteer I mean the guy who got to lay down while Sherri danced over me and put her panties in my mouth. Hmmm, getting to witness the show from an interesting angle and then get bought a drink by a really sexy performer for my “efforts” isn’t that bad a gig, if you ask me. Audience interaction plays a big part in this show. If you’re in the first row, you will get dirty and get up close with some of the performers. Anyone in the audience, though, can participate by guessing who the killer is. Is it sultry journalist Jizzika Unklean? Maybe it’s the hilarious Booze Crotch, or could it be hot “French” enjenue and burlesque traditionalist Ellen Cherry Charles? Maybe it’s the studly Milkman bringing a delivery of death or is is one of the sexy help? Or maybe it’s even one of the troupe founders. Could it really be Paquet, Michael J. “20 minutes of cock” McCarthy or Sarah “Heeee’ssss deeeeaaad” Murphy? I won’t tell. But even if I did, it wouldn’t matter, cause the killer changes every night. So do yourself a favour and catch one of the most original shows in town either at Cafe Cleopatre or when it plays in Toronto. You could say this show is killer.