If Looks Could Kill, They Most Certainly Will This Weekend
by Jason C. McLean 18 August 20112 Comments

Have you ever thought to yourself: “I really love playing Clue but I wish there was more nudity”? If so, this weekend head to Cafe Cleopatre and catch If Looks Could Kill…They Will.

It’s the new show from Glam Gam Productions, the same group that brought us the sexy Halloween fright-fest Nightmare on Main Street, the raunchy holiday treat Tits the Season and even the Montreal incarnation of SlutWalk. If Looks Could Kill is billed as a burlesque murder mystery, an interesting concept in its own right, but with Glam Gam behind it, who knows what to expect (well, except for some full-frontal, cause there’ll probably be some of that).

According to the event’s Facebook page, the audience will be given a chance to guess just whom the killer is from a roster of your favorite Glam Gam characters and win a prize if you guess correctly. Also, the killer changes from night to night. Presumably to start the guessing early, the group has been releasing a series of videos throughout the summer, each pointing a finger at a different character. Here’s an example (you can watch all the trailers on the group’s site):

This is the first full-on Glam Gam show in Montreal since last December, so you can bet the group wants to come back with a bang (so many potential puns in this piece, no point in saying if they’re intended or not). So, if you want to help Sherlock Homo solve a mystery and win a “slutty prize,” or if you just want to enjoy some good ole raunchy burlesque, then give this show a look…because if looks could kill, they will!


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