Booze Crotch

Booze Crotch, a feisty, imaginative artist imported from the dregs of small town Nova Scotia found herself here in Quebec for many reasons; University, the art scene, the language and of course the plethora of cultures, but most of all she was just tired of the liquor stores closing so goddamn early. She heard of a fairytale place where the hooch flowed not only at local liquor dispensaries, but in also grocery stores, kwik ways and “in these magical tings called ‘Deps’”. She imagined a world where calling the bootlegger wasn’t the only way out of sobriety on a Sunday, where Wine was considered a healthy breakfast and Vodka a major food group. She set her sights for Montreal and staggered forth to her prosperous, colour addicted future, creating art and collecting a motley group of friends along the way, who, unbeknownst to her in the beginning, would lead our infamous Booze Crotch to her stumbling stage debut at cafe Cleopatra’s.  She has contributed to the GlamGam phenomenon not only with her talent for drinking, but with her newly designed Glam logo, her expert prop creation from Giant Russian Dolls to her contribution to the ornate gates of Heaven and of course with lively, humorous and (often) liquor fueled ideas.

I was told once where the name “Booze Crotch” came from; apparently her greatest, “hidden talent” is never having a bottle, glass or spirit confiscated from her intoxicated clutches, you see, “if they want to seize the goods, they will have to find them first and the goods, my dear friends are unquestionably hidden, real good.”