Julie Paquet


Julie Paquet, aka Julie Jugzz, aka Freddie Kougar, aka Wisty hails from a far away land known as the West Island. She headed for the big city as a young cat in order to pursue a thrilling career at the bank. It wasn’t long before she realized that the only things she liked about her 9-5 job were the “Working Girl” outfits she’d put together, the liquid lunches she’d keep in her lapel pocket and the occasional tit-slip at the office parties.

One day she stumbled into a bubble bath with a couple of Newfs who made her realize there was more to life than a steady paycheck and dental benefits. Glam Gam was born a couple of weeks later over hangover breakfast in the gay village.

Julie’s main talents include, composing original scores on her Casio Rapman, giving popsicles away for free and tap dance solos.

She is also known for her onstage ginger rivalry with Tristan Harris and her offstage ginger romance with Tristan the Milkman.

She loves and thanks her glamily for continuing to inspire her in so many creative ways and for being so darned good-looking and fun.