Samantha Jacqueline Sullivan


Samantha Jacqueline Sullivan, better known as Ellen Cherry Charles has been a member of Glam Gam since its inception. Originally from the sun drenched shores of Newfoundland where she started her burlesque career with the BurlyQBabies back in 2008 as the never on time yet always interesting, Kocain Kitty; a strung out party animal who would curl up on just about any ones lap. Samantha got involved with Glam Gam after moving to Montreal in the winter of 2009. The character of Miss Cherry Charles is more of a classic style burlesque dancer who is not afraid to get a little dirty. She has made her claim to fame as the in house fan dancer, yet has also been known to do a chair dance or two. Lace, feathers and sequins are truly the way to this girls heart! After a few shots of whiskey, and a bit of luck, you may even get to meet Rusty Jameson a delightful ukulele player. Samantha really is a woman of many talents (and names).