Sarah Murphy



Sarah grew up on the majestic shores of Newfoundland. Her days rolling about on the rocks, wonderful as they were, left something to be desired. She decided to take the plunge…right into the frigid Atlantic Ocean, which she swam all the way across to wash up on the shores of Quebec!

Finding her second home in Montreal, she found her second family in Glam Gam Productions, when herself, sister from another mister Julie Paquet and long time childhood friend Michael J McCarthy started the troupe in 2009. Sarah is delighted to have found a place to make use of her past training such as ballet, tap and jazz in a naughty environment more suited to her sultry tastes.
With the rise of Glam Gam Productions she has taken the opportunity to pursue many artistic endeavors such as live theatre, modeling, improv comedy and music. She is tickled pink to be pursuing her dreams!