Super Sherri

Super Sherri is an avid skill collector who has many useless talents to her credit. She can sing like Betty Boop, write with her feet, and say the alphabet backwards. She also has an invisibility cloak and gay-dar.

Born and brewed on “The Rock”, this naughty Newfie was lured to Montreal by the Glamily to bare her breasts in Tits the Season. It was there that she successfully managed to seduce the only straight man for miles. She firmly believes that humping the tech guy gives you access to the sweetest lighting and soundscapes.

In her not-so-past past lives she has been a filmmaker, creative writer, advertising diva, nanny, master baker, comedian, hitchhiker, cat companion and hula hooping hussey.

When she isn’t petting her pussy, she is writing children’s stories and developing her rap personae “Dat Missus”.


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