Douche La Douche

Known for her anti-burlesque and comedic drag performances that pull apart and re-vision sexiness outside of the norms of beauty and straightness, Douche La Douche is a hot mess of grotesque and a dedicated lo-fi high-femme. Packing an arsenal of costumes, comedy, glitter, fake body fluids, video projections, prosthetics, theatrical trickery and cunty attitude, Douche La Douche often manifests in a variety of dissonant forms, everything from unicorn sex-worker drag to closeted mad men housewive lesbian vampire. Douche often collaborates with fellow rad queer performers Johnny Forever (aka Mini Maul) or Peaches Le Page (aka Touloose Le Trick, aka Jordan Arseneault).
In ”regular” life Douche La Douche is known as Laura Boo, a local community organizer, party planner, writer, DJ, artist, activist, radical and queer. She is the mastermind behind the popular monthly queer punk dance party POMPe and co-organizer of the underground performance series Cabaret Faux Pas. When asked for the blurb about her personality and life, she responds as follows, ”I love my bike, I work too hard, I try to make beautiful things happen, I am a history nerd and a maniac on the dance floor. My life is filled with inspiring friends and a supportive and hilarious family (chosen and given).”

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