Photo: Sylvain Granier, Nightlife.ca

About Us

Glam Gam Productions  is a Montreal based, performance collective also known as ‘The Glamily’. Glam Gam was founded in October 2009 by Sarah Murphy, Julie Paquet and Michael McCarthy. Our very first production was Tits The Season…To Be Naughty which debuted at Café Cléopâtre in December 2009.

We all knew we loved to perform, but we were not satisfied with existing platforms, so we made our own.  The best genre to describe what we do would be vaudeville/burlesque and our shows like to combine, music, dance, nudity and camp in the worst ways possible using smutty, sticky and glittery tactics.
We usually produce and perform our shows at Café Cléopâtre because they have been so good to us and allow us to express ourselves in a way that no other venue will. We consider this venue our home as it  has allowed burlesque to flourish in Montreal for 35 years (in a building that has hosted this and other alternative art forms for over 100 years) and embraces our spin on it. We also perform at outside events that are representative of our values. It is important for us to also have a charitable aspect to our shows and we like to choose local charities that embody our beliefs.
From the beginning we have aimed to break down barriers of what is considered sexy and we also want to entertain everyone. Many events are targeted to one specific audience, but we’d like to think we have something for everyone and love bringing people together! We are an entertainment utopia, wherein different shapes, sizes, genders and sexualities are represented on stage and in the crowd.

Photo: Sylvain Granier, Nightlife.ca

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